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Project |Leeds Carnival (lead Artist)

Multi-Artform Project, 'Midnight Fatcat Nah Pay tax', funded by Arts Council England & National Lottery.


Puppet build called "Midnight Robber" led a Mas called 'Unstitch the Rich' which was a comment on the widening gap between rich and poor, social and political commentary being a key influence on the work of collaborators Marina Poppa and Harrison Bundey Carnival troupe


Project |Paper Cuts & stencils


My paper cuts are not literal representations; they are dreamings, ways of processing experience. I cut freehand; developing the patterns as I work.


I work with geometry and symmetry to create layers of visual feedback. My designs are generally large scale and form even larger tessellations when tiled together. They have been exhibited at various arts centres and galleries and as installation art for musicians Omar Soulyman & Mary Hampton.

Project |Special Effects Makeup

I've worked as a freelance special effects makeup artists for over 12 years for film, theatre and through workshop. Clients have included Schools and youth services; Leeds city council, Lawrence Batley Theatre, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Bradford playhouse, Leeds college of music, and a number of films and theatrical productions.


I specialize in bringing gruesome effects to events  and can structure the work to be suitable for youth and adult audiences. I work regularly services and education authorities as an engagement tool when looking at aspects of illusion and reality.

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>

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